Gorreana Plantation

A legacy of fine gourmet teas, all handpicked and produced pesticide free for 130 years, Gorreana’s teas are the oldest, and currently, the only, remaining tea plantation in Europe recognized internationally as a “world class” tea.

Family owned and operated since 1883, Ermelinda Gago da Câmara and her son José Honorato opened a factory selling the first production of teas under the name Gorreana. The tradition of using the same orthodox method used by the first of the five generations of the family business, is still in use in the factory till date.

All the tea manufacturing process are mainly handmade in the factory and plantations. The gallery shows some of the existing machines used in the factory dating back to 1840’s.

Azores Island

Gorreana estate is located in the lush emerald green hills of the Atlantic island of São Miguel (Azores), grown hundreds of miles away from industrial pollution. The scent of fresh tea and exotic flowers alongside sweeping ocean views is a paradise just as rare as the tea that owes its unique characteristics to the Azorean climate.

The PH of their argillaceous soil acid rich in minerals, the sea breeze that falls on the plantations as well as the artisan farming methods still in use in Gorreana, are mainly why it is the only plantation in Europe where tea is grown for over a century.

Organic & Flavoured Teas

Since 1883, Gorreana exclusively produce black and green tea, derived from a plant called “Camellia Sinensis” that is a small tree of the Theaceae family which is free from chemicals as herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and conservatives due to the fact that the natural tea plagues do not survive on the islands climate.

The latest collection launched by Gorreana combines their famous Hysson Green Tea with a various natural ingredients like fruits, flowers and herbs. Ranging from pineapple, hibiscus, pennyroyal, parsley, lemongrass and anise, these flavoured green teas have exceeded both the expectations of Gorreana and their consumers who are impressed by the exoticism of the product and its proven benefits for human health.


Chá Gorreana

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