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Gorreana | Green Tea & Pennyroyal


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? 100% organic tea since the plantation soil is exclusively fertilized with vegetable manure.

Imported from Azores Island, Portugal.
Each unit: 20 tea bags x 2g

? The oldest, and currently, the only, tea plantation in Europe recognized internationally as a “world class” tea.

Very aromatic and often found in humid places, Pennyroyal whose scientific name is Mentha Pulegium, is a medicinal plant often sought after for its digestive action, to fight colds and flu, cough, lack of appetite, heartburn, gas, intestinal colic , phlegm, bronchitis, asthma, intestinal worms and fever.

This miraculous plant has an intense aroma and its combination with Gorreana´s green tea results in a very fresh and regenerating drink that has earned from its consumers the most emphatic compliments that has materialized in the increasing demand for this unusual product not only for its peculiar taste but also for its multiple health and well-being benefits.

On the island of São Miguel, in the archipelago of the Azores, in reality, the most knowledgeable people have been mixing these two plants for a long time. However, the product had never before been marketed. In 2020 Gorreana decided to launch this product which immediately gained public acceptance.

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