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Gorreana | Green Tea & Pineapple (80g)


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? 100% organic tea since the plantation soil is exclusively fertilized with vegetable manure.

Imported from Azores Island, Portugal.
Each unit: 80g, loose leaf

? The oldest, and currently, the only, tea plantation in Europe recognized internationally as a “world class” tea.

This particular product results from the combination of the famous Gorreana Hysson green tea with Pineapple from the island of São Miguel. The result is an unusual blend that combines the benefits of both products with an exotic taste to drink and cry for more.

When what is sought is an antioxidant and diuretic effect, few natural products surpass the qualities of green tea with pineapple. Not a mere pineapple aroma as unfortunately is common nowadays, but the real pineapple from the Azores dehydrated and mixed with Gorreana green tea and lightly sweetened with stevia.

It is ,thus, a tea with several nutritional and medicinal properties, namely, it slows down cellular aging, fights bad cholesterol, prevents heart disease as well as various types of cancer and has proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, decongestant and purifying properties.

This exotic tea can be consumed hot or cold and is equally delicious both ways.

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