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Gorreana | Organic Green Tea


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100% organic tea since the plantation soil is exclusively fertilized with vegetable manure.

Imported from Azores Island, Portugal.
Each unit: 20 tea bags x 2g

The oldest, and currently, the only, tea plantation in Europe recognized internationally as a “world class” tea.

A legacy of fine gourmet teas, all handpicked and produced pesticide free for more than 130 years, sice 1883.
Grown hundreds of miles away from industrial pollution in the lush emerald green hills of the Gorreana estate in the Atlantic island of São Miguel, Azores.

The scent of fresh tea and exotic flowers alongside sweeping ocean views is a paradise just as rare as the tea that owes its unique characteristics to the Azorean climate, the PH of their argillaceous soil acid and rich in minerals and the sea breeze that falls on the plantations as well as the artisan farming methods still in use in Gorreana.


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