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Torrie Roasted Coffee Beans | Antigo 1Kg


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Roasted coffee beans, with no added ingredients. A carefully blended mix of arabica and robusta coffees, selected at their origin. The coffees from South America contribute smoothness whilst the African coffees bring strength and a full body to this blend.

Appearance – Very abundant and persistent nut brown cream.
Aroma – Caramel, toast and dried fruit aromas.
Taste – Smooth, balanced and full-bodied coffee. Slight astringency and characteristic slight bitterness.

Package: Complex package consisting of an inner polyethylene layer, an aluminium layer and an outer polyester layer with a one-way valve. The package is heat sealed.


– To make the best coffee, warm the cup first.
– Your coffee machine should be regularly maintained to ensure that you keep enjoying top quality coffee.
– Get the best results by only grinding small quantities of coffee at a time.
– Grinding should be adapted to the machine type and should not be too fine or too coarse.

Keep in a cool dry place.
24 months after packaging.

GMOs – This product does not contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMO), in accordance with Regulations (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

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