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About Our Coffee

Vianau’s main import is none other than Torrié, a multiple time award-winning premium coffee brand from Portugal with over 50 years expertise in roasting and innovation. 

Our passion for sourcing, roasting and blending the perfect blend of arabica and robusta beans in the world is exactly why we have client’s globally. 

Whether you’re an iced coffee lover or a fan of espresso, we can’t wait to share our delicious and robust coffee for you to enjoy. 

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Coffee Supplier Malaysia

Vianau is a wholesale coffee supplier based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With our trusted partners locally, you can expect the same quality we always strive for.

We believe in bringing premium quality coffee using the most advanced technology in packaging, roasting and distribution.

We offer a range of high quality coffees such as fine ground coffee, freshly roasted beans and a wide selection of coffee capsules.

Who Do We Supply To?

Our unique assortment of premium coffee beans are perfect for every need, whether it’s for companies, grocery stores, cafés, restaurants or hotels, we can supply the goods to you.

If you want top-notch quality with the best affordable pricing in town, you are at the right place. Not convinced? Drop by at our office and sample a variety of perfect blend coffee beans that suits your taste. You won’t be disappointed. 

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