About Us

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Vianau is an importer and distributor of premium food and beverage from Portugal to Malaysia.

Our Story

It all began when a Portuguese started yearning for familiar tastes and aromas from his homeland. Met with an equally eager counterpart to explore that scrumptious experience, a Malaysian joined forces to begin this new journey. Thus begun the inception of VIANAU where we aim to share a taste of Portugal with Malaysians.

Portugal may have influenced hot chili peppers to Asia, introduced tempura to Japan and best of all, created a worldwide sensation of egg tarts, but the country’s traditional cuisine still remains a mystery as it is overshadowed by the food indulgence of its neighbouring countries.

The Portuguese take pride in their incredible bounty of food culture and tradition. Our dream is to share the country’s wealth of gastronomic horizon and put it back on the map by showing what it is best for.