Borges Wine

Borges Wines

Borges Wines

Founded in 1884, Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges has a long history of making and marketing great wines. Two enterprising brothers, António and Francisco Borges, who had remarkable business acumen and a deep passion for both the land and wine began the task of building their vision into the company that we know today.

Our passion for wine and our unceasing quest to create unique wines have been the main driving forces behind the writing of a story that already dates back more than 135 years. They are the same qualities that ensure that, today, Borges wines are so highly appreciated in over 60 markets across five continents.

Today Borges has three winemaking centres in each of these regions and we produce over 6 million bottles annually.

JMV Group

Since 1998, Borges has been part of this prestigious group, which is led by the Vieira family and wholly Portuguese owned. Our wines are part of an extensive portfolio that is sourced from three of Portugal’s main demarcated regions, where we have our own winemaking estates. Under one roof, we bring together the versatility and uniqueness of wines from the Douro, Dão and Vinho Verde regions, the nobility of Port wines and the elegance of sparkling wines.

In Felgueiras, in the heart of the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region, Borges has built one of the most modern production centres in Portugal, with a winemaking capacity of 2.5 million litres and a storage capacity of 9 million litres.

Thanks to these infrastructures, we are able to ensure a more efficient control of our high-quality standards.

BRC and ISO 9001 Certifications and Integrated Production System

At an early stage, the organization took the strategic decision to acquire the internationally recognized BRC and ISO 9001 certifications. Borges saw these as a way of spurring continuous improvement of our overall performance, whilst also keeping a tight focus on offering quality products and services to all our customers. These certificates underscore our commitment to quality, safety and food responsibility. 

All Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges estates employ an integrated production system. This is a production system that is based on good agricultural practices, with rational management of natural resources. It favours the use of natural regulation mechanisms rather than production factors and, thus, contributes towards sustainable farming.

Gatão White Wine Can

Gatão canned white wine has arrived in Malaysia!

The historic Portuguese brand, dating back to 1905, remains a market leader.

It is already a major trend in several markets and has just arrived . Gatão has advanced and can now reveal something absolutely unprecedented: Gatão in a can! Accordingly, it is one of the first brands of Portuguese wine to assume this innovative and trendy concept.

Consumers will enjoy its young flavour, characterised by lemony hints, nuances of passion fruit and pineapple and a unique and distinctive bouquet. Its moderate alcohol content and perfect balance of acidity and sweetness result in a blend perfect for Summer days!  

Canned Gatão is more environmentally friendly

Canned Gatão is more environmentally friendly, reducing the carbon footprint! Overall, the rate at which aluminum cans are recycled is nearly three times that of glass. Less energy for refrigeration is combined with less energy for carrying a can: less space, less weight… less consumption!

Quick and easy to open, it is also light to carry and will fit in any refrigerator. Its smallest format with very thin walls, chills faster, making for less energy consumption than the traditional bottled version.

Beach, swimming pool, country and picnics are just a few examples of places where Gatão Can brings out all of its perfection. It is the ideal company for moments of conviviality with friends and uncomplicated consumption.


Borges Wines

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