Nacional Breakfast Cereal

Nacional Healthy Breakfast Cereal


A Portuguese brand with a valuable historical heritage, Nacional has followed the evolution of the lifestyles and habits of the most demanding consumers. 

For over 170 years, the brand has been sharing stories and delicious moments with the Portuguese, providing the best products, selecting the best ingredients, based on the experience and “know-how” of centuries.

Present in the lives of Portuguese families from morning to night, through a huge variety of innovative products, Nacional is an authentic and reliable brand, which meets current lifestyles and new generations. 

What is National is good

And it is thanks to this, to its very strong values, that Nacional has been part of consumers’ memories since childhood and is present in the most varied markets, making its products available in more than 37 countries, seeking to satisfy all tastes.

All good reasons to continue to be recognized by its signature – “What is National is good”.

Great quality cereal product and taste

Prepared and motivated teams, the latest technology, rigorous quality systems and demanding food safety and hygiene processes are the bases that make Nacional offer consumers the best breakfast cereals in Malaysia.

Especially important was the renewal of the Quality Management and Assurance and Food Safety certificates as per NP EN ISO 9001 (since 1997) and NP EN ISO 22000 (since 2006). The production and distribution processes are certified by “International Food Standard” (IFS) certification.

In the scope of brand internationalization, Nacional obtained in 2012 the Halal certification for all the products.

Our Cereal Brand is ZERO Sugar

The Zero family is synonymous with added value!

Zero sugars, same flavor! Produced from a rigorous selection of corn, without any added sugar and in a traditional process that guarantees all the authenticity of the flavor. Nacional’s Zero Cereals were designed for those looking for a balanced diet.

A range that harmoniously combines flavor, pleasure and balance – with no added sugars. The classic flavor of Corn Flakes or the lightness of cereals +Linha are the ideal way to start the day.


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